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We Are PAYROLLS DIRECT LTD, And We Deserve A 5 Star Rating.

We offer a cost-effective payroll service tailored to your requirements. Let us manage your payroll, do all your payroll calculations, and deal with HMRC on your behalf. In our HR Platform, you can manage your employees’ time keeping, attendance, commissions, bonuses and more! Our Project & Task Management system makes it easy for you to manage your staff. Our Event Management and Employee Scheduling system, with automatic email notifications - makes employee scheduling easier, regardless of size of workforce. HR documents like company handbooks & workplace policies can be created, using our templates & then shared quickly with employees. You also get a date & time stamp when they are read!

Our Features

Our Payroll website & HR platform has been designed by experts with over 10 years experience in developing cloud based systems. Payroll is just the tip of the iceberg; Manage your staff better & increase productivity using our project & task management tools!


Outsourcing your payroll makes financial & business sense. Reduce your stress & let us take care of all your payroll administration.


Cloud based HR platform makes it easy for you to keep track of holidays, unpaid leave, expense claims and much more.


Website is totally secure and all the data is fully encrypted, No-one else will be able to access your payroll data.


HR Templates make it easy to create your own HR policies. HR Fact Sheets & Guides are incredibly useful for HR Managers.


Your employees, in their control panel, can view payslips & submit time sheets, holiday requests & expense claims on-line!


Manage your staff better, even those working remotely! Upload projects / tasks & get real time updates – instantly!


Do payroll deadlines cause you stress? Are you struggling to keep up with latest legislation? If you are simply confused about all the new rules, Payrolls Direct is committed to resolving all your issues professionally, accurately and promptly. Reduce your stress. Let us save you money & time now.

You would not service your car, why do your own payroll?


We understand that all businesses need exceptional customer service & systems to manage their staff better. Want to free up more of your time? For a no-obligation quote, fill in our enquiry form at the top of the page, or call us on 0800 193 196. If you are calling from your mobile, you can call our land-line number 0116 271 7282.


If you use our Payroll Services, you can achieve time savings & have instant access to current and historical records. As we are payroll specialists, we can ensure higher rates of compliance and accuracy. With payroll, security is a key concern. With our website, all data added to the site is fully encrypted so your data is 100% secure. Your objectives and our goals are to ensure 100% security, 100% compliance, 100% accuracy & 100% instant access!

Data Security
Instant Access
Happy Staff

Keep Staff Happy

All your employees can securely access their own payroll account using their laptop, iPad or smartphone, no matter where they are! They can view their current and historical payslips and time sheets. They can submit holiday requests, expense claims & more, on-line. They can view their tasks and provide updates.

  • Employees Can View Current & Historical Payslips
  • Employees Can Submit Timesheets, Request Holidays & Submit Expense Claims Online
  • Employees Can Update Projects & Tasks, Even Remotely!
  • Employees Can View Upcoming Events & Respond If They Are Attending